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Dear Visitor! 

Our Company deals with manufacturing of fishing and hounting equipments as well as with manufacturing and distribution of notebook bags since 1990.

Our products can be found in both, at domestic, and foreign markets too. We try to adapt to the current needs therefore we continously develop our sewing,and  number of employees in necessary case.

Under all circumstances, we strive to comply with the relevant quality standards, therefore we apply only high quality materials during work process.


Our goal is to go beyond customer expectations!



During creation of our product range, we kept for vital, to determine better prices than our competitors, but in the same time we keep on level, our high quality.


Our products are developed in accordance with the newest designs, therefore our products meet to the current market demand in any time. The full product range is available with photo and with short description on our website:




Details of Company.

              WR-TEAM METAL Kft

              Budapest Verbéna u.53.

             Vat number:23078473-2-43

              VAT number in European Community:HU23078473         

Telephone: István Borics, Owner +36-30/9111-750